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Senela helps organizations to build a diverse & inclusive work culture to tackle tomorrow's challenges with people-drive innovation, higher employee engagement, better decision-making and faster problem solving

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Award-winning Empowerment Coach, helping women to lead and succeed !

Global CEO, Global speaker (APAC, EMEA, USA)

Founder of Women Empowered Global & 1 Million Women in Power

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An inclusive workforce is vital to a company's success, and should never be the weakest link

Rolling out a successful adaptive change management culture in the organization is synonymous with building an innovation ready culture across all company departments and teams 


82% of organizations run innovation in exactly the same way as they do regular operations


72% admit to missing crucial growth opportunities


60% struggle to learn from past mistakes


Build an organizational culture for innovation and DEI

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Motivational talks to engage teams for greater collaboration & results 

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Team coaching to build team synergy around a unified purpose

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