Building Motivated Teams to Lead through tomorrows challenges

Senela helps organizations to tackle tomorrow's challenges with an equitable, motivated and engaged workforce 

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Award-winning Empowerment Coach, helping leaders foster an inclusive workplace with more gender equity !

Global CEO, Global speaker (APAC, EMEA, USA)

Founder of Women Empowered Global & 1 Million Women in Power

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An inclusive workforce is vital to a company's success, and should never be the weakest link

Rolling out a successful DEI initiative is synonymous with building an engaged and inspired workforce, where they feel belongingness and acceptance free from bias and prejudice  


Gender study finds 90% of people are biased against women

Only 41 female executives out of 500 Fortune CEOs


75% of female executives confess to having felt imposter syndrome at some point in their career




Senela & her expert team will help you with an action plan and support to build a DEI culture and inclusive workforce in your organization. The program includes Awareness, Training, Engagement & Measurement markers



Corporate Services for DE&I


Working with HR, L&D and DE&I teams to foster an inclusive organizational culture 

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Awareness sessions

DEI, male allyship and womens career development sessions & motivational talks

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Executive Coaching

Coaching addressing talent gaps and cultural nuances impeding growth & inclusion

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