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Women Empowered Global (WEG) is a unique global platform that empowers women across the world.


No woman is an island. We each have unique talents and gifts but it is only together that we can achieve greater things. In a world, where women face a stained-glass ceiling, we aim to break through and show women their worth. This is where we make a difference.


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By joining us as a Global Ambassador to Women Empowered Global, you have the unique opportunity to support our vision, as you play a crucial part in the inspirational uplifting of lives and careers of women worldwide.


Once you join by selecting one of the payment options below, you will be awarded the title "Global Ambassador" for Women Empowered Global. We will send you the exclusive official ambassador emblem to use on your website, social media and all your other personal branding & publicity material on your end.  Once you become a Global Ambassador with us, you will also be globally recognized with a featured post on our official LinkedIn page and other social media pages. 

Your support will be valuable in our efforts to empower more women everywhere.


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No woman is an island

We each have unique talents and gifts and together we can achieve greater things.