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Welcome to The African Women Leadership Forum

“An Empowered African Woman makes the African Economy Stronger. Our vision is to equip her with confidence, clarity and credibility, and empower her to increase her visibility in her area of expertise and industry”

What is AWLF?

AWLF is a leadership empowerment platform with empowering speakers and thought-leaders from around the world, coming together for the powerful vision of empowering the woman of Africa to empower her mindset & skill-set to achieve a greater impact for her life and support her family and community, because we believe that empowered women can grow the economy of Africa.

AWLF provides the eco-system to make women build their confidence and gain valuable exposure and connections to achieve positive personal growth with the intension of being a successful entrepreneur or working woman. Our focus is to build HER capacity.


Who We Are

We are an initiative by Women Empowered Global, a passionate organization that is specialized in conducting leadership accelerator programs for Women world-wide. Since the AWLF launch in 2018 with our Academy, we have impacted women in business and professions across Africa, to help build their legacy, build their skills and expand their reach and opportunities. To get in touch with our Headquarters, please write to [email protected]

Join the AWLF Committee

If you are an African game-changer, Leader or Influencer, and believe in our mission to empower the African woman for Leadership, and want to make an impact while growing your influence by being active in a powerful women's network, this is your chance.

Apply here with your CV and a 100 word description about yourself, and become a part of an impactful network.
Meet our Africa Regional Lead Velveeta Viban.
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Hear from our AWLF Community

"WEG has been a great part of my intellectual, emotional and business development since I joined in 2018. Handling my business and my self esteem has greatly improved.  I will say I have been empowered! Some of the things I have added to my business is branding, how to sell my services in the market  and how to connect with partners. One of the ways is through your elevator pitch which was another great course I did with one of the live webinars. I am a courageous woman, I know my worth and I am ready to face the world with whatever I have and wherever I find myself. Success comes with a lots of courage and failures are normal in life which makes the success story complete."

Catherine Ndumbe
Epsy's Craving / Noely Lyonga Foundation, Cameroon

"My learning experience has really been broad and trying to expound on it will be my greatest pleasure as I cannot exhaust all the qualities I have attained. I have been able to grow my network with individuals, I now call family from over 7 nations both within Africa and other continents with whom we share a common vision of women empowerment and individual growth. I have been inspired at different occasions to grow my vision and align it with the shared global values. In summary this learning has enabled me to discover my calling. "

Arthur Matovu

"AWLF gave me an opportunity to learn about Communication which is essential to become a leader and an influence in the society. Therefore, have learnt that 80% of my life and work is all about Communication. Clarity and credibility are two vital tools for quality communication. As you communicate, always think of how well others think you said not how well you think they said. Going forward I will always take my vision and communicate with clarity to my team members so that they can see the vision in me. In addition, I have learnt that leadership is not having all the answers but creating a work environment for your team as well as inspiring and engaging them to share their own ideas in creating a better organisation for us all."

Jolyne Jelimo, Global Goodwill Ambassador
Executive Director of Administration- Reocomm Group, Kenya

"It was such a great honor to be part of the summit. I really enjoyed and am looking forward to the next one. I learnt a lot from Senamile, for me it was more like a reminder of yes you can push and achieve anything in life, anything that you put your mind to, sometimes as woman we tend to forget the Gift that God has given us, the potential and the zeal in us, to do amazing things, to change the world into a better place. I liked the way she emphasized on positive thinking and mindset as a key to suceess. And the 5 p’s ( pray, push, pull, plan and be patient) she mentioned as something we should always go back and check and use them accordingly. "

Jeranjie Kamfose
Founder - Dyslexia Malawi

"I am in my final year in the University studying logistics and supply chain management, a social entrepreneur, Volunteer, children advocate and I'm a public speaker for transformation. I'm also proud to be a part of women empowered global, where I've already started tapping enough knowledge from seasoned speakers and intellectuals. I'm honored to be a member of such a great community and I'm grateful for the opportunity. "

Beauty Erica Kofigah

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Celebrating African women that are out there putting their efforts in making the world a better place and making their cause known.

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