How To Become A Great Communicator

Adding Power To Your Voice, And Confidence To Your Words

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"When I first saw the program I was positive something great will be the end result. This program has added value to my career and personal development immensely. If we aren’t able to communicate what we require and desire we would not be satisfied and will result in conflict. I believe Senela has taught me how to slay that by boosting my confidence in communicating exactly whats in my mind. Appreciate her help and dedication. Really great program!"

- Sayurinie Fernando, Sri Lanka

Young Engineering Professional eager for her next career move

"The trainer's delivery style was beautifully done. During both the group class and individual coaching sessions she was able to get her audience to respond and engage in the class actively. The Course inspired me to overcome these self limiting beliefs and create a positive mindset that contributes anyone to become a better communicator"

- Niroshi Jayasekera, Sri Lanka

Manager-in-Charge of a leading art gallery

"The content is rich and practical sessions in groups makes it better. I have learned that, from today, more than 80% of the time I will communicate not just for my business skills but for my life skills."

- Beatrice Ndefon, Cameroon

A female leader in the Health Care sector

"I have participated number of training programs in my career, university and school. Among them there were few training programs on communication and presentation skills. But this was my first time participated individual coaching session. Having an individual coaching session is important to get to know the strengths and weaknesses and how to develop skills and convert weaknesses in to skills. This was a good experience for me to get to know who I am and what are the points I should develop to be a better communicator."

- Asinsala Jayalath, Sri Lanka

A young professional working in an international market for a leading company

"Through this course I learnt many things such as how to address my problems and issues in different criteria, how to address my customers in a confident manner, the way to cooperate with my team management, to be ready before attending a presentation or meeting, to attend on time or before the deadline, and many more things. Therefore, it is proved that this course has highly helped me to rebuild my weak points and to develop my character in a successful manner."

- Mahesh Kumara, Sri Lanka

A Senior Client Service Manager working in the B2B sector

"At first sight when I saw the advertisement to register for the course, in my mind I was just doing it for a try but along the way I must confess I found the course very interesting and always looked forward to my next coaching session. My experience has been a very good. I have enjoyed every class from day one to the end. I am looking forward to partner with Women Empowered Global and to do more exciting courses with them."

- Kristie Brown, Cameroon

A Youth Leader specialising in communication and editorial services

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Senela Jayasuriya

She is an Award-Winning Leadership Keynote Speaker & Certified Coach, a renowned Corporate & Business Trainer, a Global CEO and dynamic motivator, specialized in growth acceleration and goal-setting.

Her experience as a motivational & business speaker has led her to deliver keynotes on very large global stage arenas (conference, networking forums, awards events, education & leadership symposiums etc) to audiences between 3500-7000 people.

Coaching, Speaker & Training Affiliations

She has worked with over 15,000 professionals and organizational teams to date, to help them turn around their careers and increase their performance effectiveness. Teams trained include from World Bank, United Nations and Fortune 500 & conglomerate companies in manufacturing, retail, distribution & the financial services sector.
She is an international keynote speaker in the Keynote Women Speakers Directory. She is a Google Speaker for Google Startups Sri Lanka and a Entrepreneurship Incubator Leadership expert organized by the American Center. She was the keynote speaker & Judge at the 4th World Conference on Women’s Studies. She was also a speaker at Women on Top panel at the Global African Trade & Investment Summit in Washington DC, USA. She is also a session lead speaker at the Women Economic Forum and various other Global summits.


Vaneese Johnson, USA

Global Speaker, Author, Boldness Coach

Senela is a powerhouse of BOLD empowerment for emerging and existing leaders around the world. She is a revolutionary thought-leader who anticipates and creates resources and empowering initiatives to build global communities and the human potential of both entrepreneurs and corporate teams. Senela displays a lot of commitment to inspiring and building leaders around the world and gives us all an invitation to possibilities of who we can become! Thank you!

Alexander Evengroen, Cambodia

Success and Global Skills Coach, VP of Global Communications, Tedx Speaker

I am very proud and honored to know and am able to work with Senela Jayasuriya who is an extraordinary person with many gifts. She is very passionate about what she is doing and possesses a golden heart and known to me as one of the best speakers/coaches around. As a High-performance trainer & Leadership Coach, she went way beyond the normal scope of teaching and coaching people.

Adigun Temitayo, Nigeria

Project Manager at Ok Foods

Senela is an amazing enterprise performance consultant, trainer and facilitator and someone who believe in empowering women in Africa to break barriers At every opportunity Senela has, she maximize it to impact positively, impressively she kept her audience full attention. I would recommend Senela for all Capacity building, strategy and performance consultancy and training work.

Dr. Haidi B. , Australia

Founder of Future STEAMpreneur, Board Director of WomenH2H

Senela is a professional leader, a motivational woman and very passionate about helping others in creating success.She helps women leaders in finding their true and authentic leadership people discovering best leadership qualities to the next level.Congratulations on all your achievements and accomplishments. Thank you for dedication and outstanding compassion. It has been a pleasure to recommend. From success to success. Senela is an authentic Leadership Guru.

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