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Leadership Skills  for High-Performance Online Course 2021

Course designed and conducted by Award-winning leadership coach

Senela Jayasuriya



June 3rd 2021



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  • How often does the course occur? This course is a one-time sitting conducted for a new batch once a month. 
  • How long is the course for? 1.5 hours.
  • What is the online platform for the course? Zoom, which is a free download for your mobile and laptop.
  • Will i get a certificate once i complete the course? Yes.
  • How do i obtain my certificate? Only by attending the LIVE class. During the class, the course instructor will give you the test question at the end. You need to email the answer along with your FULL NAME to [email protected] within 5 days. 
  • Do i still get the certificate if i attend the LIVE class but fail to submit my FULL NAME and the Test Answer? No
  • If i am very happy with the training, can i submit a testimonial or review? Yes, please email it to us and we will publish it in this page.
  • Do i bring anything for the LIVE class? Yes, a pen and notepad to take down notes if you wish.
  • Anything else? Ensure to stay till the very end of the class to find out the test question. Also ensure your mic is switched off when you enter the online LIVE class to ensure no audio echo during the LIVE session.
  • By when will my certificate be issued? If your answer to the test question provided by the course instructor during the LIVE class is emailed to us within 5 days after the course, and is satisfactory, we will email the certificate to you within 14 days thereafter.
  • How will i know the date of the next session / batch if i miss this one? Stay tuned to this page for updates on the time & date for the next leadership session.
  • How do i register? Fill the form below and click the SUBMIT button.
  • How will i know i have been confirmed for the course? You will receive an email confirmation with the Zoom meeting link.

"It is with great immense and hearty pleasure that I, strongly recommend Senela Jayasuriya, Founder & CEO of Women Empowered Global for this wonderful training and great coaching session on Leadership Skills for high performance. I have had the opportunity of incorporating this program into our company and experiencing a personal transformation into an enlightened leader. Extraordinary, mind-blowing and fantabulous vibes via Senela Jayasuriya. She inspired us with great leadership qualities and her insightful leadership style of providing the epitome of her leadership training session and presentation. I love the interactive sessions as it makes us connect with herself throughput the whole training session with compassionate driven urge and care. "

Priyadarshini Chandrasekaran

"Had a great leadership coaching session done by Senela today. Not only is she inspirational, her teachings are so practical to implement in the corporate world! We need more women like you to inspire and be role models! "

Lakshi De Silva

"I feel deeply grateful. I came here because as a man, I want women empowered, to work with them side by side or guided by, or guide, and because it's simply just about time they are recognized and given the chance to lead us. So my position, was that of an observer and supporter. What a gift and surprise I was given. Senela lays out in a simple and clear methodology, enlightening tips on real world issues that leaders face all across the world, all across causes and endeavours. My deepest gratitude, admiration and unconditional support to your cause. Thanks from the heart."

Ricardo Andres Fernandez Garcia

"Thank you ma, I attended the training together with you. What is amazing, stupendous and impactful session with you. You are a blessing to the global world. Keep it up and keep the blazing. Special Encomium goes to you ma. Thank you Best Regards!"

Khabbab Adelakun, Nigeria
Account Founder Crescendo Career Consult| Leadership and Development| Career Coach| Youth Development| Human Resources.

"As I mentioned earlier, it was an enlightening, engaging and simply amazing session and I am truly grateful to Senela for it."

Vineet Mani, India
SharePoint Operations Management - Shell Bengaluru Area, India

"I would like to thank GGA team, Mr. Richard and most important to Ms. Senela Jayasuriya for organising this training session. I am proud and humble to receive Certificate of Leadership Skill from GGA board. Thank you very much for support ! Dear Senela Jayasuriya, Thank you very much for wonderful training session. Looking forward to learn more from you. "

Pooja Tiwari, India

"Senela is truly amazing and inspiring trainer. I was able to adopt what she taught and it's working like a magic. Thanks"

George Guyo Rabhayo

"Respected Ma'am, Really feel honoured and bless to see the certificate and a warm response from you. 'Mentors like leaders are many but few are there who inspire and bring out the best. A mentor is not just a teacher but an awakener too.' It was a great learning experience to explore and know my worth under your able mentorship. Thank you so very much respected ma'am Senela Jayasuriya With best wishes and warm regards,"

Kawalpreet K Kohli, India
Educationist Global Goodwill Ambassador

"This is a message of thanks and gratitude and appreciation to you for the effort and unprecedented in the training course of the Global Goodwill Ambassadors and the Women's empowerment Foundation. What you have provided is a true example of nobility, respect, love of work, love of spreading knowledge, respect for others, and advice and advice to others. I wanted to witness this testimony from me to you, to express my gratitude, happiness, thanks and appreciation to you, In conclusion, I reiterate my sincere thanks, Appreciation and gratitude to you and your dedication to work, and encourage you to do so. Continue this wonderful way "

Dr. Mai Yehia, Egypt
Chemist and Microbiologist, Ambassador of the World Peace Chain, Ambassador of Pakistan Safety Council

"My session with Senela for my training in Leadership skills for High Performance was a wonderful session. Senela made the conversation a perfect mood as you could just go on listening and understanding her lessons. She was full of positive vibes which were flowing across online. Loved her session and attitude and acceptance, gracefully while we all spoke. Looking forward to working with her. God bless me for that."

Alia Madge, India

Global Leadership Online Course

Leadership Skills for High-Performance


Senela Jayasuriya, Awarded Global Speaker, Leadership Trainer & Certified Coach

 Areas Covered

  • How to develop your authentic leadership style
  • Communication strategies to communicate better as a leader
  • Key attributes for high-performance leadership
LIVE video interactive webinar - 1.5hrs course

How to register?
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Senela Jayasuriya

She is an Award-winning leadership speaker & certified Coach, a renowned Corporate & Business trainer, a global CEO and dynamic motivator specialized in growth acceleration and goal-setting

She has worked with over 15,000 organizational teams and professionals to date, to help them turn around their careers and increase their performance effectiveness. Teams trained include from World Bank, United Nations and Fortune 500 & conglomerate companies in manufacturing, retail, distribution & the financial services sector.



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