Innovation not only as an Outcome,     

but also as a Mindset

Senela is an Innovation member and Speaker at the
International Society of Professional Innovation Management

Developing purpose-driven & innovation driven teams and culture 

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The Six ‘I’s® Innovation profiling tool has added significant value as to what my strengths and opportunities are.  Since I am working with Senaptec Sensory Performance Technology on a daily basis, it's important for me to understand my innovations strengths and opportunities. After conducting the assessment I had a coaching program with several sessions with Senela on how I can become better.
For someone who has been blessed to be working with top coaches, Senela's style of coaching helped me to not only identify solutions, but also to integrate the solutions in a clear process. Working with innovative technology is great, to be able to simplify processes for those I work with and most importantly, my clients is a real game changer.  Now I am able to grow more consciously directed and faster.
 I would recommend The Six ‘I’s® profiling tool and the coaching program to every professional and their team.
- Lars John
Business Development Manager
Sport Vision by Vision Care

The Six ‘I’s® Innovation profiling tool is an eye-opener. When I went through all the steps, meticulously explained by Senela in helping me discover my profile type, I was fascinated. As someone who has primarily worked from her gut & instincts, the results of this tool gave me an affirmation of my personality type and inherent working style. It helped me understand why I do what I do and what are my primary motivators. I would definitely recommend working with Senela and the 6i Innovation profiling tool to discover your unique profile.


- Ruchi Sharma
Founder & CCO, HumanSense

The Six ‘I’s® of Innovation was an interesting sneak peek into understanding my own scope for potential in ways that I had not thought of myself before. It oriented me into changing my perception of myself and in the process, developing a counter-narrative to the story I keep telling myself about myself. Never doubt the possibilities that lie within yourself! It was a pleasure to discover this with Senela Jayasuriya and my journey with Senela has been one that continues to add value to my growth, personally and professionally.

- Rozanne De Silva
Communications & Media Professional
To be profiled is one thing; to profile oneself is something else altogether. Before participating in the Innovation strengths and challenges discovery session, I had myself boxed up as a creator and investor (mostly of my time and very little money). The session proved me misguided by my feelings. Yes, I create, but it's a minor part of my ability.

The session was fun, non-intrusive, professional, and objective. As a team, it was interesting to listen to each other's thoughts on characteristics we thought we possessed and then to discuss the actual qualities that stood out through the self-administerd survey. The session trainer, Senela, created an open, comfortable, and free space for everyone to engage with the Innovation outcomes, and discuss at length their discoveries.

I would highly recommend this session to any business owner, to employers, and even to teachers, as a means to improve their understanding of their immediate team, employees, students, and/or subordinates, to challenge their perceived level of competences, and to learn how to maximise their capabilities and outputs. 
- Ruth Crooks
Owner, Kawé Couture

About Senela 

"2018 Women Icons Asia Award"

Global CEO | Board Director | Award-winning Coach for Emerging Leaders in Corporate, Business & STEM (APAC, EMEA, USA) | KeyNote Speaker | Global Advisory Councils


She is an award-winning International Keynote speaker & certified Transformation coach, a renowned corporate & business trainer, and dynamic motivator specialised in growth acceleration and goal-setting. Having worked with a diverse portfolio of companies and professionals on various training and development, she has worked with over 15,000 professionals and organizational teams to date, to help them turn around their careers and increase their performance effectiveness.

Senela has trained teams from the World Bank, United Nations, and Fortune 500 companies, multinationals as well as SMEs. Senela is also a speaker at various startup events and incubator programs. Senela is a contributor and featured with a dedicated chapter after her in the Amazon Best Selling book "Women Going Global'' which was released in November 2020 during Entrepreneurship week USA!

Senels is a firm believer in harnessing human potential for a higher purpose. As the Country Representative (SL), Member and Speaker at the International Society of Professional Innovation Management, and a credentialed innovation coach, she has partnered with The Entheo Network   (the owners and developers of The Six ‘I’s® invented by Natalie Turner in 2009) to offer a human-centred approach to innovation, blending DESIGN THINKING with ORGANISATIONAL DEVELOPMENT and a unique proprietary innovation strengths assessment for individuals and teams.