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Yolanda E. (Conley) Shields Ph.D., USA

Chief Global Business Strategist - Author - Consultant & Coach -HR - Workforce Dev - Leadership, Business & Entrepreneurship faculty Offices VA - Washington DC - Nashville CO.STARTERS Certified Facilitator 

It is my pleasure to recommend Senela Jayasuriya, speaker, entrepreneur, and global empowerment coach and trainer. When she shares, she speaks with clarity and assists those who are listening to move to their next level. All the work we have done together has been done with excellence and at the highest level of professionalism. She genuinely cares for people and is highly knowledgeable and experienced in the area of leadership, STEM, and business. I would definitely recommend her to anyone considering her services or inviting her as a speaker for your event. 

Sujata Ives, Ph.D., USA

Diversity Initiative Award 2023, National Career Development Association. President, Maryland Career Development Association
Chair, International Committee, American Counseling Association
Co-chair, Asia Pacific Career Development Association
Community Coordinator, World Council for Interculturalism & Global Competency, UNESCO

It is a sheer joy to work with Senela! She is passionate about cultivating women leaders and helping to pave the way for the next generation. If intelligence, integrity, and empathy is what you admire in a leader, then look no further! I have great respect for and love working with an empathetic leader such as Senela!

Vaneese Johnson, USA

Award-winning Global Speaker, Author, Boldness Coach Helping Professionals Amplify Their Brands, Grow Their Careers & Impact the World.

Senela is a powerhouse of BOLD empowerment for emerging and existing leaders around the world. She is a revolutionary thought-leader who anticipates and creates resources and empowering initiatives to build global communities and the human potential of both entrepreneurs and corporate teams. Senela displays a lot of commitment to inspiring and building leaders around the world and gives us all an invitation to possibilities of who we can become! Thank you!

Alexander Evengroen, Cambodia

Success and Global Skills Coach, VP of Global Communications, Tedx Speaker

I have the very highest regard for Senela Jayasuriya as a person. She is simply the very best, sincerest and knowledgeable teacher and friend that one could have. Senela is inspiration personified! From coaching to seminars Senela 's wisdom magically works its way into the subconscious and gives you the well-needed kick up the A to get you going into a better, more positive life. A winner who breeds armies of winners. I'm humbled to have Senela as a friend, co-visionary and connection.

Dr. Haidi B. , Australia

Founder of Future STEAMpreneur, Board Director of WomenH2H

Senela is a professional leader, a motivational woman and very passionate about helping others in creating success. She helps women leaders in finding their true and authentic leadership skills and discover their best leadership qualities to the next level. Congratulations on all your achievements and accomplishments. Thank you for dedication and outstanding compassion. It has been a pleasure to recommend. From success to success. Senela is an authentic Leadership Guru.

Eunice Onwurah, Nigeria

CEO & Co-founder at SAHEE PROJECT

Senela is a Visionary, a muti-talanted Consultant and a founder & CEO -WEG/President - AWLF. she is also the GGA Global trainer which I was one of the participants "Leadership Skills for high performance online course. As a Coach and a mentor. She clearly and succinctly explain to her mentees everything from organizational goals to specific tasks, bringing in effective leadership behaviors and skills. I am glad to come in contact with such brilliant and amiable personality.

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