How to Join Online Live Events

At Women Empowered Global we have monthly live events , most of them are completely for free.
This page is designated to instruct you how to access our online live events for both computer and mobile.
If you have further questions, please reach out to - [email protected]

Zoom - Sign up / Join Live

  •  Zoom is the application we are using to host live-webinars, which you are able to join for free. 
  • You can either create a free account or join the live-event with the Meeting ID, that you received in the confirmation e-mail.
  • We are also sending up to 3 reminder emails, the Meeting ID is also included there.
Free Account Join Live-webinar

Zoom for Mobile 

You can also join us from your mobile device (and Tablet).

Below you have direct access to both app stores.


iOS (Apple) Android

Zoom for Mobile

App Store
Google Play

Reach Us By Email

[email protected]


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