One-on-One Coaching Program!

With International Certified Transformational Coach, Global Entrepreneur and Business Professional

 By taking part in this program you will get exclusive access to expert knowledge and mentoring from Senela Jayasuriya; an Award-Winning and Certified International Transformation Coach, Keynote Speaker and Global Advisor, who works with individuals around the world to help:


Develop leadership skills

Build your professional image

Learn how to be a better communicator

Set goals based on what really matters to you

Get motivated and develop a strong mind to succeed


These one-on-one sessions will help you improve and hone your business, leadership, entrepreneurial skills and overall confidence as a professional. 



Clarity for your life.
Improve your self confidence.
Organisation to help achieve your goals.
Increased motivation to succeed.
Find efficient ways to manage your stress.
Increase your productivity and efficiency.
Develop your personality for leadership.
Find courage and strength to grow your network.
Understand your power and authenticity.


Senela Jayasuriya

She is an Award-winning leadership speaker & certified Coach, a renowned Corporate & Business trainer, a global CEO and dynamic motivator specialized in growth acceleration and goal-setting

She has worked with over 15,000 organizational teams and professionals to date, to help them turn around their careers and increase their performance effectiveness. Teams trained include from World Bank, United Nations and Fortune 500 & conglomerate companies in manufacturing, retail, distribution & the financial services sector.

Her experience as a motivational & business speaker has led her to deliver keynotes on very large global stage arenas (conference, networking forums, awards events, education & leadership symposiums etc) to 100,000+ audiences from over 120+ countries

She is an international keynote speaker in the Keynote Women Speakers Directory. She is a Google Speaker for Google Startups Sri Lanka and a Entrepreneurship Incubator Leadership expert organized by the American Center. She was the keynote speaker & Judge at the 4th World Conference on Women’s Studies. She was also a speaker at Women on Top panel at the Global African Trade & Investment Summit in Washington DC, USA. She is also a session lead speaker at the Women Economic Forum. 


Priyadarshini Chandrasekaran, India

Extraordinary, mind-blowing and fantabulous vibes via Senela Jayasuriya. She inspired us with great leadership qualities and her insightful leadership style of providing the epitome of her leadership training session and presentation. I love the interactive sessions as it makes us connect with herself throughput the whole training session with compassionate driven urge and care.

Nileka De Silva, Sri Lanka

Working with Senela has been so exciting and inspiring, she helped me understand what a true influential leader is about and seeing her passion in what she does inspired me to go after my goals and dreams and never give up. 

Ricardo Andres Fernandez Garcia, Spain

Senela lays out in a simple and clear methodology, enlightening tips on real world issues that leaders face all across the world, all across causes and endeavours. My deepest gratitude, admiration and support to your cause.

Aruni De Mel Akhil, Sri Lanka

Senela Jayasuriya believes in people who are capable of doing things and identify the true talent in people and  freely give us the opportunity to grow, meet people and create forums to network and help us to build our personal brand which results in helping us to elevate our careers and our professional lives.

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